Compatible Across all Devices

Fully responsive web version (for participants) compatible with any browser – without the need to install or download any additional applications or plugins

Native iPhone and Android applications available in the App Store/Google Play compatible with all smartphone and tablet screens


Custom Activities

Choose from over 15 tools to customize activities. From simple open ended questions to the most popular quant questions and advanced interactive questions such as collages, card and photo sorts. 

Allow participants to interact with each other or conduct one-on-one interviews. Easily rotate sections to eliminate order bias within concept testing.

A Powerful Back End

HatchTank’s researcher dashboards put all relevant project information right at your fingertips. Check the health of each activity, or participation by individual or segment. 

Tag participants or content as needed, search through responses using keywords and filters, and download search results or transcripts/user media on demand. 

General Features

Question Types

Management and Output

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