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We believe in empowering people to do their best work using our products.

Our Story

In 2002, our founder Shamsu Bhaidani, a software developer by trade, worked with the outcomes research team at a major pharmaceutical company to develop a solution to allowed people from all over the United States to participate in forums where they could privately and safely discuss their health issues and the impacts on daily life. Due to the success of this project, FocusForums was born in 2003.

HatchTank is our next-generation platform! It was born in 2016 after a decade of evolution and partnership-based learning on the FocusForums platform. We have taken the best quantitative and qualitative research options and packaged them into a flexible, dynamic, results-oriented platform. For participants, it’s like a social networking site; it allows familiarity and provides a comfortable space to share their thoughts and opinions. For researchers and administrators, it boasts a powerful, intuitive back end that makes getting the data necessary an easy task.

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